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  • CBUM Protein - Itholate Protein 

    Looking for a high-quality protein powder to maximize your workout potential? Look no further than Chris Bumstead's CBUM Series Itholate Protein from Raw Nutrition. With 25g of 100% micro-filtered whey protein isolate per scoop, this product is perfect for both dieters and muscle builders.

    This protein was personally formulated and flavored by Chris Bumstead so your post workout routine could be as Thavage as possible. CBUM ISO Protein is 100% micro-filtered whey isolate that packs 25g of the highest quality protein per scoop to make this protein the best choice you can make no matter what your fitness goals are. The CBUM Series Itholate comes in two incredible new flavors - Vanilla Oatmeal Cookie and Cinnamon Crunch Cereal.

    What is Isolate Protein?

    Don't let the funny name, Itholate, trick you, CBUM Itholate is made with whey isolate, a fast-digesting protein that's low in fat and carbohydrates. Our micro-filtered isolate powder contains 90% or more protein by weight, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

    Is Itholate protein vegan?

    Itholate Protein is not vegan. It is made from 100% micro-filtered whey protein isolate, which is derived from cow's milk. Therefore, it is not suitable for those following a vegan or dairy-free diet.

    What are the Benefits of Chris Bumstead's Isolate?

    This protein powder is personally formulated and flavored by Chris Bumstead himself, so you know you're getting the highest quality product on the market. Each scoop contains 25g of protein, making it perfect for building lean muscle and recovering fast after workouts. Plus, with four delicious flavors to choose from - Vanilla Oatmeal Cookie, Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Crunch Cereal, and Mint Chip Ice Cream - you'll never get bored.

    CBUM Protein Nutrition Facts

    CBUM Series Itholate Protein Content:
    Content: 775g
    Dosage: 1 measuring spoon (31g)
    Dosages per pack: 25
    Nutritional value per serving (31g)
    Calories 110
    Total carbohydrates 2 g 1% *
    Total sugar 1 g **
    Protein 25 g 50% *
    Calcium 127 mg 10%
    Sodium 180 mg 8%
    Potassium 161 mg 3%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    ** (DV) Daily Value Not Established.

    CBUM Itholate Ingredients

    Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Flavors, Salt (Sodium Chloride), Gum Compound (Guar Gum, Gum Acacia, Xanthan Gum), Cinnamon Bark Powder, Sucralose.

    Allergy information:

    Contains milk

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